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Brampton and Mississauga Average
House and Condo Rental Prices
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 Brampton And Mississauga
*Average Rental Prices For Homes And Condos
Unit Type   Brampton   Mississauga
One Bedroom Condo apartment   $1600.00 plus   $1700.00 plus
Two Bedroom Condo Apartment   $1800.00 plus   $1850.00 plus
One Bedroom Basement Apartment   $1000.00 Plus   $1000.00 Plus
Two Bedroom Basement Apartment   $1300.00 plus   $1400.00 plus 
Freehold Townhouse Whole House   $1850.00 plus    $1950.00 plus 
The Upper level of a Semi   $1700.00 plus    $1800.00 plus 
Semi-Detached whole house   $1900.00 plus   $2000.00 plus
Detached Whole House   $2000.00 plus    $2300.00 plus
Executuve Detached   $2300.00 plus   2500.00 plus
*Disclaimer: The information provided herein is for informational purposes only. Please contact your realtor for current prices.


Utilities Information:

  1. Most condos have the utilities included in the rental price, the newer ones you may have to pay electricity.
  2. Homes that have shared accommodation(Upper and Lower rented separately), there will be a 60%-40% or a 70%-30% shared utilities cost.
  3. Whole house, you are responsible for all the utilities:


Brampton and Mississauga Rental Summary:

  • Brampton is extremely lacking in condo inventory, MyDaddyHomes receive calls daily about condos needed, but unfortunately there is not enough inventory for the demand. Condos are not being built fast enough to keep up with the demand. There are a couple of new condos being built, but the inventory will not satisfy the demands of renters. Expect this lack of inventory to continue for some time.
  • Mississauga has an over abundance of condo units, with all the new condos being built around square one the condo market is saturated. But prices are much higher than in Brampton, the mere location of condos around square pushes the price up. With regards to other rental units Mississauga prices are much higher than Brampton prices.

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