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Looking For Brampton homes and condos for sale and for rent?  Or Mississauga homes and condos for sale and for rent?  Search No Longer! MyDaddyHomes has brampton and Mississuaga homes and condos for rent and sale. This Website is the  Choice For Buyers, Sellers and Renters. This site Compliments of Edison and Arlene Samuel Brampton and Mississauga Real Estate Agents


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If you are thinking about Buying or selling a home a wise choice would be to choose a Brampton or Mississauga REMAX Real Estate agent to represent in the sale, purchase or renting of a home.  The most critical part of any Real Estate transaction is finding an experienced, competent Realtor who can guide you through the process. Don't leave the selection of a Real Estate agent to chance. The MyDaddyhomes Team are local REMAX Brampton and Mississauga Real Estate agents who have been servicing the community since 1986.  We are very experienced and have a proven track record of success, you are in good hands with the MyDaddyHomes Team, contact us today for results you can depend on. 

Why Choose REMAX:

We outperform the competition 3 to 1 and here are the top 8 reasons why:

  1. REMAX is well represented in the City of Mississauga and Brampton. In Brampton there are  three offices RE/MAX Real Estate Centre, REMAX Realty Services, and REMAX Professionals.
  2. Nobody in the world sells more Real Estate than REMAX. Clearly #1 in 150 markets across Canada, as Brampton Real Estate agents and Realtors we have more selling experience and more marketing muscle to attract more buyers.
  3. The REMAX Brampton sales offices have attained Premier Market Presence across the city of Brampton and it is continuously growing and striving to improve market share. The REMAX Brampton Real Estate Agents are the top-producing agents in the City of Brampton.
  4. The success of REMAX Brampton Real Estate agents and REMAX Brampton Realtors ultimately depends on each Associate providing unparalleled customer satisfaction. Seventy percent of REMAX Brampton Real Estate Agents business results from repeats and referrals from satisfied customers. With other companies this only accounts for 30 percent of their sales activity.
  5. REMAX Brampton Real Estate agents and REMAX Brampton Realtors have always been community leaders, devoting time and dollars to countless charities and causes. For example Edison and Arlene Samuel are proud volunteers for Brams United Girls Soccer Club, Habitat for Humanity and many more organizations.  REMAX Real Estate in Brampton contribute tens of thousands dollars annually to their respective communities and charities. A prime example of REMAX agents community citizenship is their sole Real Estate sponsorship of the Children’s Miracle Network where REMAX agents have helped in achieving a mammoth $32 million for the charity.
  6. As a group, REMAX Brampton Real Estate agents and realtors lead agents of competing companies in experience, education and production. They average more than 13 years of real estate experience and hold a higher number of professional designations than agents of any other competitor. The average REMAX Brampton Real Estate agent and REMAX Brampton Realtor out-produces competing agents three to one.
  7. The red, white and blue REMAX Hot Air Balloon logo is one of the most widely recognized trademarks in North American business and is spreading throughout global markets.
  8. The interaction of quality Associates, public recognition of the RE/MAX name and logo, customer satisfaction and Associate citizenship result in transactions and leading market share.

Who would you rather have represent you?  The #1 company in the world or second best, the choice is yours. 

Choose Wisely! Choose REMAX

Edison Samuel and Arlene Samuel, salesperson and Broker 

Brampton and Mississauga Real Estate Agents and Realtors

The REMAX story

We're the Real Estate Leaders. No one in the world sells more real estate than REMAX.

REMAX at a glance:

  • Who we are
    What began in Denver, Colo., in 1973 as "a pad of paper and a dream" is now a global real estate franchise network that spreads across 39 countries and eight territories, on six continents.
  • Network size
    The revolutionary REMAX Concept of enabling real estate professionalsBrampton Real Estate Agents, The MyDaddyHomes Team to maximize their business potential has evolved into an organization of more than 72,000 Sales Associates in more than 4,200 offices worldwide.
  • REMAX Real Estate Agents and Realrtors
    REMAX Real Estate Agents and Realtors, on average, lead the industry in production, experience, and professional designations.
  • The REMAX Balloon logo
    The red, white and blue REMAX Balloon, with its "Above the Crowd!®"slogan, is one of the most recognizable business logos in the world. With nearly 90 REMAX Hot Air Balloons around the globe, REMAX has the world's largest balloon fleet.
  • An industry leader
    REMAX is the No. 1 real estate organization in Canada and in the United States.
  • Global expansion
    The first REMAX region outside the United States and Canada was the Caribbean Basin, opened in 1991. It was followed two years later by REMAX of Mexico. In 1995, REMAX expanded into Southern Africa, Spain, Israel, Italy,and Germany. Since then, REMAX regions have become established in across Europe, in Asia, and in Australia.
  • Record REMAX production
    In 1999, REMAX Associates were involved in more than 1 million sales transaction sides within a single year in the United States alone – an industry milestone. The audited production figures represent the most transaction sides in a single year ever recorded by any real estate network. The REMAX network has repeated the feat ever since.
  • The REMAX Concept
    REMAX stands for "real estate maximums."

In exchange for paying a management fee and a share of the monthly office overhead, REMAX Associates keep the maximum allowed amount of their commissions and receive the many benefits of REMAX programs and services.

By offering Real Estate Agents and Realtors maximum commissions and maximum career freedom, REMAX influenced competitors to re-examine and adjust their own policies toward Real Estate agents, thus dramatically changing the industry.

As the network grew, renowned for its top producers and quality service to consumers, so did support programs, making REMAX a dynamic force in real estate education and technology.

The organization was one of the first real estate companies to have its own proprietary television network and one of the first in the industry to develop a site on the World Wide Web.

  • Committed to real estate service
    In a business environment of mergers and acquisitions, REMAX is the only major real estate network still owned and directed by its founders.

REMAX commitment to its membership has led to an ever-increasing number of accolades from the business community at large, including selection of REMAX as the best in the business. In its annual ranking of top franchises, Entrepreneur magazine named REMAX the number one real estate services franchise in 2000. On the consumer front, Worth magazine honored RE/MAX in both 1999 and 2000 with its prestigious "Readers' Choice" award as the best real estate brokerage.

Community Involvement:

Community involvement is highly valued at all levels of the REMAX organization - from individual Real Estate agents and Realtors to REMAX offices, regions, and RE/MAX International.

REMAX cause marketing and charity fund raising take on many forms:

  • Most recently, REMAX has become a national co-sponsor of the Breast Cancer Survivor Recognition Program at Komen Race for the Cure® events.
  • The REMAX organization has been the official real estate sponsor of the Children's Miracle Network  since 1992.
  • Each year, about 20 charities host fund-raising golf tournaments at Sanctuary , the private course of REMAX International co-founders Dave and Gail Liniger.
  • REMAX International is the first major sponsor of The Wildlife Experience , a conservation and community center promoting understanding of the natural world and its conservation through art and education.

All these venues and more represent the REMAX network's commitment to community involvement, serving the public beyond its real estate needs.


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