The City Of Brampton, Ontario

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How To Calculate Your Taxes:

Property taxes for the Residential and Farm tax class (RT) are a product of the annual tax rates, as determined by the City of Brampton, The Region of Peel and the Province of Ontario (education) and the Assessment Value provided by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC)


Assessment Value* (330,000) X Total Tax Rate (2012: 1.161747%) = $3,834

Please Note: The above calculation is a starting point for properties in the Commercial, Industrial and Multi-Residential tax classes.  This basic formula is then adjusted on a property by property basis to reflect the adjustments legislated by Bill 83.  For more information please see Capping and Clawback.

* If assessed value has not been assigned, the purchase price can be used to estimate taxes

2014 Tax Rates

Residential Tax Rates

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Residential & Farm RT 0.492340% 0.430992% 0.203000% 1.126332%
Res. Farmland Awaiting Dev. Ph 1 R1 0.147702% 0.129298% 0.060900% 0.337900%
Pipelines PT 0.454873% 0.398194% 1.371131% 2.224198%
Farmland FT 0.123085% 0.107748% 0.050750% 0.281583%
Managed Forests TT 0.123085% 0.107748% 0.050750% 0.281583%


New Home Owners Alert:

If you have recently purchased a new home please be advised the taxes quoted is for land value only.  For the first 12-18 months the taxes you will pay will be approximately 1/3 of the required amount. Ensure that you make allowances for the true tax bill when it comes due.  

Once your home has been assessed you will have to  pay the difference in taxes from the day of Occupancy.