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Our greatest compliment is our clients' complete satisfaction. We are pleased and gratified by those clients who have invested their time to share with us their recommendation and endorsement.  Our goal is to make the process of buying, selling or renting a home stress free, enjoyable and rewarding for our clients. Selecting a brokerage and a realtor is a very important decision and should not be left to chance.

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Testimonials From Just A Few Of Our Satisfied clients

Richardo and Anya White:

We bought home using the services of  MyDaddyHomes Sales Team. We must say that the dynamic duo of Arlene and Edison are hard to beat. Imagine having two real estate professionals working for you at the same time. Their many professional contacts and industry experience facilitated a smooth transition to final purchase. If you are a first time buyer,  then attending their no obligation free home buyers seminar is must.  This honest and eye-opening seminar removes any ambiguity that you may have about the home buying process.  We highly recommend the MyDaddyHomes real estate team.

 Dave and Veronica Albers:

We were nervous about listing our home. Plus, our carpets were not new and the kitchen had not been updated since it was built. We interviewed five other agents before selecting Ed and Arlene. Some acted like friends, some came with nothing prepared. Only Ed and Arlene acted like advisors, came prepared with detailed market information about neighbouring streets and was forthright in every way. They stayed in continuous contact with us, provided solid guidance and always promptly returned every call of ours. Nine weeks later, our house sold and we were delighted. I strongly recommend Ed and Arlene as your real estate advisor. When dealing with such an important asset, strong market knowledge and negotiation experience is all that counts 


Carlos and Ruth Tellez:

We were in search of a home and did not know which agent to call, one day we were searching the net and we came across MyDaddyHomes, we were so impressed with the website and all the information that we made the call to MyDaddyHomes immediately. We arrange a Buyer Consultation and were treated like family, right then and there we decided that we wanted Ed Samuel to be our agent. We have since purchased a beautiful home and thanks to MyDaddyhomes

Kwame Baswan:
Looking for a Professional no-nonsense Realtors, we will definitely recommend MyDadduyHomes. MyDaddyHomes is easy to work with, they are like family, we will not have another agent, MyDAddyHomes is our agent for life. 


Louis and Tammy Belle:
The MyDaddyHomes Sales Team bent over backwards to help us find a home. They really cared about our Real Estate needs. They held our hands from the start to the finish and he guided us through the whole process. We are now proud homeowners and would highly recommend Ed and Arlene to anyone who is looking for a great agent.

Azher Mohamed:
I had contacted a previous agent before I met MyDaddyHomes and I was not happy with the service he provided.  After the initial Buyer session we selected MyDadyHomes to assist me in finding a home.  I now have a beautiful home, thanks to MyDaddyHomes, I will recommend MyDaddyHomes to anyone seeking the best Realtor to guarantee results.

Amar Singh:
We would like to thank Ed and Arlene for the excellent service he provided to us in the selling of our home. and purchasing of anothe home Ed 's aggressive "Action Plan" for selling homes resulted in us getting 98% of the asking price. Their experience, negotiating skills and the sensitivity to our needs was very comforting to us, thanks MyDaddyHomes, well done.

Wang Long:
We were looking for a home that was close to schools, in the price range that we could afford, and was well maintained.  ED was very attentive, he listened to us, advise us on what was a good deal and what was not,  after a short while Ed found us the right home. We sure appreciated his honesty and his vast experience.  We will  recommend our friends to ED, Thanks Ed, you are the best!.

Annette Melhado:
The quality of ED's service was beyond expectations, he is the best Realtor that I have worked with and I am not going to give him up. What I found really great was ED's ability to listen to my needs, formulate a plan and then execute it. Ed sold my home and found me another home in record time. I wish ED continued success in his business.

Esmond and Adelle Lewis:
Years before we sold our home Ed always kept in contact with us, sending his monthly newsletter, Buyers and information about the real Estate market. After 12 years living in our home we made the decision to purchase a new home. There was no hesitation who to call, we called ED to sell our home, we are now very happy in our new home and will highly recommend Ed to anyone who is looking for an agent who cares.

Errol and Beverly Allen:
Another agent had our home on the market for six months and could not sell it, we were very frustrated and had very little communication with the agent. Someone recommend that we give Ed Samuel a call, that was one of the best decisions we ever made. Ed showed us why our home did not sell, made the necessary changes and our home was sold in record time. Thanks ED, you are the best!

These are just a few of the many testimonials from our valued clients, would you like to see your name listed here?  Contact MyDaddyHomes today and we will show you what we can do for you when  Buying or Selling a Home. Guaranteed results! 

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When buying Mississauga or Brampton real estate, a Mississuaga or Brampton House or Home you must have trust and confidence in your real estate agent. The MyDaddyHomes team is commitment to ensuring their clients are satisfied with the level of service they receive. The MyDaddyHomes team is committed to provide you with Real Estate Services second to none. Call us first and see what quality service is.
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