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Looking For Brampton homes and condos for sale and for rent?  Or Mississauga homes and condos for sale and for rent?  Search No Longer! MyDaddyHomes has brampton and Mississuaga homes and condos for rent and sale. This Website is the  Choice For Buyers, Sellers and Renters. This site Compliments of Edison and Arlene Samuel Brampton and Mississauga Real Estate Agents
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Selling your home is an involved process that affects you and and your family, make the wrong decision and it can affect you for a long time. Before you begin the selling process, you'll want to ensure you know the answers to the following top six selling questions:

  1. When should you sell 
  2. What listing price should you set for a quick sale and top dollar
  3. What kinds of renovations or improvements should be made prior to the sale 
  4. How should you stage your home for a good first impression
  5. What Brokerage should you choose
  6. Which Realtor should you contact

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  1. Accurate First Time Pricing: This is the most criticial item in the Home Selling Process
  2. 1%  listing ommission rates plan, structured to suit your needs. 
  3. Vibrant Virtual Tours:
  4. Home Staging and Tips: To create a better response from potential Buyers.
  5. Dynamic Marketing Action Plan:  MyDaddyHomes ultimate marketing action plan helps Sellers sell their homes faster and for the best price
  6. MLS and NLS Internet exposure with multiple websites for maximum exposure   
  7. Exposure on Bing, Your Home Advertised on Google and other media. 75% of Buyers use the net to start their home search. More exposure to Buyers  means a quicker sale and best price. See below for listing exposure 
  8. Open Houses
  9. Social media marketing: Twitter and Facebook
  10. Full Service agents, we are not part timers or a discount brokerage, we work relentlessly to get your home sold fast, you get value for your money! Service since 1986.



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Contact Us Today For A FREE Home Evaluation is where smart buyers and sellers visit when they are looking to buy or sell Brampton or mississauga Real Estate. A Brampton or Mississauga home, house  or condo. is a state of the art  home buying and selling system for Brampton and Mississauga Real Estate and Brampton Homes and Brampton condos and Mississauga Homes and condos for sale.  With information on trades and professional people, homes for sale and service directories is a good place to start your house hunting.  Contact Brampton and Mississauga Real Estate agents, Edison and Arlene Samuel we will be there for you.

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One of the best investment decisions you can make is to buy Mississauga or Brampton Real Estate, buying Mississauga or Brampton Real Estate is a sound investment, based on the yearly increase in Mississuaga and Brampton, Buying Mississauga or Brampton real Estate is a good retirement fund.
When buying Mississauga or Brampton real estate, a Mississuaga or Brampton House or Home you must have trust and confidence in your real estate agent. The MyDaddyHomes team is commitment to ensuring their clients are satisfied with the level of service they receive. The MyDaddyHomes team is committed to provide you with Real Estate Services second to none. Call us first and see what quality service is.
Buying a Brampton or Mississauga home is a great investment. With a Brampton or Mississauga home you have piece of the rock. When comparing Brampton and Mississauga homes to other homes in the GTA, Brampton and Mississauga has the best to offer. Mississauga and Brampton homes come in all different type, You can get a starter Brampton home for around $210,000, a semi-detached Brampton home for around 240-270,000, a newer Brampton town home for around 260-280,000, a newer semi-detached for around $280-310,000. In the detached Brampton homes, you can get a 2000, sq, ft home for around $350.000 and then bigger Brampton homes from 350-600,000. So is a Brampton home a great investment? yes it is, Come join us and enjoy comfort and a great lifestyle in a Brampton home. Contact Brampton Real Estate agents, Edison and Arlene Samuel today.