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Finding a place to  purchase should not be left to chance. Let MyDaddyHomes find you the right home at the right price.

MydadyHomes have provided various search options, please take a monent to review before you start your search.

Search Options Explained:

1) Search Option #1 (Precise Search): This search option is the most advanced and accurate of al the search options.

  • You tell us precisely what you are looking for
  • We then filter the current properties for rent based on your exact search criteria
  • We then send you listings that matches your criteria, all with pictures, maps and all pertinent information.
  • We send you results within 1 hour of your request.


2) Search Option #2: This feature gives you the ability to download  listings directly to your email based on a generic search..

3) Search Option #3: This feature allows you to search the featured listings in the MyDaddyHomes data base.

4) Search Option #4: This feature allows you to search  MLS(Listings from all over Canada)

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