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This is a condensed version of our in house Buyer Consultation and It only takes a few minutes of your time and it is the most imporatnt step in the home Buying process. Click Here to review the full version of our "In House Buyer Consultation."

Over The Phone Discussion Topics:

  1. How much downpayment do you need to buy a home?
  2. Can you buy a home with $0 Downpayment
  3. I have bad credit, can i buy a home?
  4. What are the closing costs involved in buying a home?
  5. IWhat are the functions of the realtor, mortgage broker, lawyer and home inspector?
  6. What is the first time Home Buyer Land Transfer Tax rebate?
  7. Is it better to Buy or Rent?
  8. Is buying a condo the same as buying a house?
  9. And any other questions that you may have, we will have answers for you.

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