Buyiny or Selling a home should not be left to chance. Learn about about the top 20 buying and selling mistakes

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   Top 10 Home Buying Mistakes To Avoid 

Shopping for a home can be a very emotional experience, time consuming and comes with a myriad of details. Some buyers, however, caught up in the excitement of buying a home tend to overlook some very critical items. Don't allow your home purchase to turn into an expensive process. Learn about the top 10 Buying mistakes to avoid.

  1. Looking for a house without getting pre-approved by a lender:
    When you are pre-approved, you are effectively a cash buyer. This makes it much easier to negotiate with the seller. Do not mistake pre-approval with pre-qualification; pre-qualification is only the first step in gaining pre-approval. Contact MyDaddyHomes for a fast 48 hours pre-approval.
  1. Failing to check out the neighborhood thoroughly before buying:
    How do traffic patterns change depending on the day, or even the time of day? Are there any future developments in the works? Is that nice green space down the road may be actually zoned for high-rise development? Ask around - check it out first.   
  1. Making an offer based upon the asking price, not the actual market value:
    Do your homework. What have similar properties sold for in the immediate area?  How long were they on the market?  How does this one compare?  Is it over-priced, under-priced, or fair value?  MyDaddyHomes provides it's clients with an up-to-date market analysis of the intended home purchase, 
    so you don't pay more for a home than it's actually worth.  We protect your interests.
  1. Not knowing your rights and obligations: 
    Not knowing your rights you can be taken advantage of, example you have the right to know who your agent is working for in the transaction.  If you do not know your obligations, you may inadvertently cause friction between yourself and those with whom you have a contract with. 
  1. The most critical of all the mistakes are mistakes 5-10. If you are thinking about buying a home within the next 30-90 Days, contact us today for a FREE Buyer Consultation and learn how mistakes 5-10 can cost you money, time, frustration and losing out on your dream home. Click here for details.

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