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Want to stop renting?

Are you tired of renting and would like to own a home?  Would you like to discover 3 easy steps How you can Buy a Home with $0 Down. Well John and Jackie Smith  were just like you, they had been renting for years and wanted to buy a home but trying to save for the 5% downpayment was a problem.

One day they were surfing the net and they came upon a Google ad  “No Money Down Real Estate” they clicked on the ad and they were brought to and their lives were instantly changed.  Ed Samuel showed them 3 easy steps they could take to Stop Renting and Buy a Home with no money Down."  They took those 3 steps and now have a place to call their own, you can do the same.

According to the National Association of Realtors 42 percent of first-time home buyers who purchased a home paid zero down. Until recently the standard downpayment was 5% of the purchase price, and the highest barrier to home ownership was the lack of cash. Then along came the “No Money Down Program” that required zero percent down. And today's zero-down programs are flinging open the doors to home ownership even wider. They're so popular "because many people with decent credit just don't have the money they need for a downpayment,"

Some Frequently Asked Questions By Renters

  • I don't have a downpayment, Can I buy a Home?
  • Is renting a home less costly than buying a home?
  • What are closing costs and how much do i need?
  • Are house prices going up or down or stable?
  • What are all the costs involved in buying and maintaining a home?
  • What is a buyers agent?  What does this specifically do for a buyer?
  • If you would like to Stop Renting and Say GoodBye to Mr. Landlord!!  Visit today.

    Published Wednesday, February 21, 2007 10:25 PM by E S
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    Carin said:

    When buying your home, consider insuring the mortgage with a term life insurance policy. Term life is usally less expensive than bank mortgage insurance, and the premiums are non-taxable in Canada. Term life also has the advantage of the homebuyer and not the lender naming the beneficiary. Certain policies can be converted into whole life insurance once the term ends for continued coverage, usually without submitting additional medical documents. Please visit us at to learn more about this option, or to compare quotes online.

    December 30, 2007 8:50 AM

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