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MyDaddyHomes FREE First Time Home Buyers Seminars

If you are thinking about Buying a home for the first time or know someone who is, MyDaddyHomes  would like to invite you to our FREE First Time Home Buyers Seminar. 

Buying a home for the first time can be both exciting, enjoyable and can also be emotionally stressful and a confusing experience. At MyDaddyHomes we want you to buy a home with confidence and knowledge and for you to enjoy the path to your dream.   

The information that will be provided to you at the seminar, will give you a better understanding of the inner workings of home buying. We take you through the entire process step by step, we reveal to you the top 10 Buying mistakes to avoid. Our mortgage experts familiarize you with mortgage financing, our professional home inspectors give you key information about why you need to have a home inspection. We provide you with a comprehensive overview of all the costs involved in buying a home. 

Contact us today to attend our seminar and familiarized yourself with the knowledge that you will need to make the best home buying decisions for you and your family  Don't Delay!  Contact The MyDaddyHomes Team today to reserve your seat.  Do it now!


Avoid Buying Mistakes Signup Today!

 Seminar Information:

  1. Location: RE/MAX Real Estate Centre: #150, 2 County Crt., Blvd., Brampton,ON
  2. Days: Fridays
  3. Time: 6:00PM-7:30PM
  4. Some of the topics covered:
    1. How to avoid the Top 10 Buying mistakes
    2. How to get a Downpayment
    3. Understanding How Buyer Agency works for you   
    4. How to Buy a Home with $0  Down
    5. How to use RRSP to buy a home
    6. How to Buy a Home with minimum credit
    7. New immigrants programs
    8. Self-employed programs
    9. Mortgage financing and how it works
    10. What is the role of the lawyer
    11. Home Inspection: What is involved
    12. What to look for when buying a new or older home 
    13. Buying a condo: Understanding your rights and obligations
    14. Making an offer to purchase
    15. Closing costs: What are all the fees
    16. Additional Housing costs

To attend our our   "First Time Home Buyers" Seminar" please fill out out the form below indicating preferable day and time or call MyDaddyHomes direct.  looking forward to hearing from you soon. 

Published Friday, March 5, 2010 7:53 AM by E S

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